His Way

His Way

Take a moment and review. Has there been a time in your life when you are grateful that He didn’t show up unannounced? Was it a while ago or was it some time recent? Whenever it was, it is a witness of God’s infinite mercy. Just think of the woman at the well.

Put aside that the trial was unjust because the man whom she was with was not there for the stoning ceremony. Focus on the very act itself. Whether she was set up or not; did she not fall into the trap? Did she still not sin?

So, whatever the reason, when she was placed at Jesus’ feet, she still felt plenty guilty. No one stood by and told Jesus that He was in no place to judge her based on the condition of her circumstance.

The Bible is clear, sin is sin; and the wages of sin is death. This woman was caught in the very act. However, Jesus knew the condition. He knew the setup and the treachery of the Pharisees. Though He could’ve pleased the crowd or taught them all (including the woman) a very valuable lesson.

That His grace is an extension of His mercy and that His mercy was the product of His patience. Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Let’s set one thing straight. Though not one of her accusers cast a stone, Jesus did not turn and walk away. After all, He was without sin. And though He could’ve ordered the execution of the adulteress, He forgave her.

The lesson…The Lord has been faithful and patient. Consider your ways or be caught in the act. Ultimately, you have to answer for your actions. Better to repent now and sin no more, then to stand before the judge incapable of receiving His mercy and laying in the sand knowing you were guilty from the beginning.

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