Your Trial, His Glory

Your Trial, His Glory

Ever been in a fun house? Or maybe even a haunted house? You look at the entrance and wonder what it would be like. You see the people leaving. They look like they had the time of their lives. You enter and confusion sets in.

You don’t know what could be lurking around the corner or what obstacle might be headed your way. It’s all so perplexing. And when you reach the end, you feel that it was worth the time and effort (at least for some haunted houses, right?). The truth is that the Christian life is similar in nature. Not exact, just similar.

You don’t notice the entrance and you definitely don’t see the people leaving; let alone walking out like they had the time of their lives. Regardless of which, in this life you will encounter trials. The difference between you and the unsaved…you have the guidance of the Holy Spirit and you have the instructions (the Bible).

Taking this into account, you have the map that guides you home and the Guide who was with you when you entered the trial, he is with you now in the trial, and he will be there at the end of the trial. How much harder does your trial seem now? God reveals Himself throughout your trial. His Word guides the way (Psalm 119:105).

He has your steps directed (Prov. 16:9). And though you are in the middle right now; and though you feel like you haven’t made much progress, fear not, for He will be with you until the end (Matt. 28:20). That is the secret revealed.

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