Carpe Deus

Carpe Deus

Nothing ever goes according to plan. You can organize a family event, a company retreat, or even a quiet evening. Somehow you day turns out completely different. Don’t fret, for The Lord arranges everything in perfect order.

When it comes to how He does things, there are no coincidences. You don’t have to worry about tomorrow, for He has given you today. The best part about it is that whether you have a good or bad day, God will somehow manage to get the credit. How so?

If you have a bad day, you will fall to your knees and ask Him for strength and patience. If by chance you have a good day, you will praise Him. Appreciate the day He has given and live it completely for Him. Be enraptured by the sunrise. Feel the coolness of the rain. Reach for the refreshment of the wind.

His provision for the day was not based on a promise. It is based on His mercy. He granted you this day and then gave you the beauty of it just to remind you of one very important thing; how much He loves you. When you grasp the concept of how grand in size the universe is or simply how many people live on this planet.

Maybe then when you look up at the stars and see how beautiful they are; you will realize how often He thinks of You. Don’t sulk when things don’t go the way you planned. Be grateful and exalt the name of the One who provided you with today to begin with. After all, we didn’t really deserve it.

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