The Right Direction

The Right Direction

You see the sign. Do you go left or should you go right? At this point do you feel like giving up and pulling over to the side of the road? Whichever you decide, know this; it carries a weight of consequence.

Weighing the pro’s and the con’s makes life such a gamble. However, if we simply take the road map of life (The Bible) and give control to the One who designed the road in the first place, there simply would be no choice. When Jesus called His disciples, he didn’t have a sales pitch. He didn’t even carry a persuasive argument. He merely said, “Follow Me.”

And as without a simple notion of hesitation, they dropped everything. Such a radical course of action today can have you classified as insane. This spiritual experience sounds like madness to us now. The idea of forsaking our loved ones for the cause of Christ. Following our creator seems right in our own minds, but to others it just doesn’t sound rational.

So, with that I say, are you ready to walk in the right direction? Will you truly submit your life to Him? I urge you beloved to count the cost. This life is not a game. You will spend eternity somewhere. That decision, however, is yours to make. Just ask yourself this, “what will it profit you to gain the world, but loose your soul?”

Could you really consider your life a victory if your eternity was spent in hell? What good is what you gain now? It all turns to ash at the end. What will matter, what will truly count when it’s all said and done…Did you let Him to take you on the right direction?

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