Self-Reflecting Dangers

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Spending time alone thinking about life can be dangerous. When things are going bad and we take the time to stop and quietly think about it, there is a risk that we might become more depressed.

The song writer, David, in Psalm 39 took time to think about his situation. It’s hard to pin point when in David’s life He write this because he had a sin-full life.

Yet, thinking it over just made him feel worse. “My heart was hot within me…”

The more he thought about how much he did wrong the more he knew that he wasn’t good. Even though he was great at being a warrior, he was also great at cheating on his wife (wives 😳).

The danger of rejecting on your life is that you will only focus on the bad. For David, his thoughts turned away from depression over his sin, to focus on his God.

David turned to God and stopped talking to himself and started talking to God.

Have you felt even more depressed when you are alone and thinking about your life?

God wants you to know that you can talk to Him. Because of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, we can have access to God.

Life is hard. Yet, life doesn’t have to stay hard. Cast your cares upon Jesus, because He cares. He really does care.

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