Christian Jealousy

Christian Jealousy

The Bible is clear when it says that followers of God can become jealous when they don’t see the fruit of their labor. It seems that the godlier you try to live, the greater the struggle, especially financially.

“Only the good die young,” sings Billy Joel, trying to convince the chaste Catholic school girl in his song to throw away her religion and dive head long into the “bad.”

Following Jesus comes with a price, a price tag that Jesus warned us to think about before following Him (Luke 14v38).

In Psalm 73, the song writer expresses the feelings of a people that follows God but almost stumbles in their faith because they saw that people lived however, they wanted to, and they seem… no, they DO succeed at whatever they do.

They have great jobs, beautiful homes, smart kids even though they live like hell.

“It’s just not fair!” It’s the kind jealousy that can be found in Christians and they not even know it.

Yet, when a follower of Jesus puts themselves in the presence of God, the reality of a future with God makes all of that supposed unfairness disappear.

Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing Jesus!

Do you feel like the psalmist felt in the first half of his song? Keep reading, there is something greater for you than enjoying all that this world has to offer.

In the end, when everyone stands before Jesus as Judge, you will already have received the greatest gift, Jesus’ life living inside your life.

Those who did things their way, they will not be able to stand before Jesus and He will give to them exactly what they deserve: life without Him, forever.

186 Bible Reading Plan — Day 59

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