Pray For Mercy

Pray For Mercy

Does the state of our nation leave you in shock? Are you taken aback by all of the violence and decay? The truth is, we shouldn’t.

You see God may not be in public schools, but there are children who preach His name in the hollows of the hallways. He has been removed from the state, yet His very commandments are the backbone of our laws and political structure. How is this relevant to the decline in society?

Well, this nation has turned its back on the very God who saved them from the English persecution. In its need to satisfy the offended, our nation has compromised its very relationship with God.

His Word states that we cannot serve both God and mammon. However, this nation allows gay marriage and abortion. It has asked Him to leave. Well beloved, let it be known right now. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will bring down the wicked and judge them accordingly. I urge you loved one, on that day pray for your enemies.

Pray that they receive mercy instead of His wrath. Pray they repent of their wicked ways. Proclaim and ask the Holy Spirit to pull on their hearts so that there is a world wide revival. You see, when God is asked to leave, he merely takes a step back. But fear The Lord, for His patience is just for a short while.

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