A Real Love

A Real Love

Oh little lamb, have you witnessed the power of the shepherds rod? (Psalm 23:4). Though it serves to protect you from your enemies, you must also remember that you can be your own worse enemy.

It is known that when a sheep consistently goes astray, the shepherd will take the rod and break the hind legs of the sheep. Be encouraged though, for the shepherd does not leave the sheep to die. When the flock moves, the shepherd carries the sheep. When the others graze, the shepherd brings the broken lamb food to eat and water to drink.

Though it is a period of brokenness, it is when the sheep can only truly rely on the shepherd. Now, let us use this analogy in conjunction with our spiritual lives. The Good Shepherd sometimes breaks us, but the time of healing is our most precious time with Him. If only we can observe the diamond.

How just like us, was a lump of coal. And now, by the washing of our sins (by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross), along with some pressure, and the right amount of time; how precious are we if God values us more than the diamond? So when exactly will you walk?

When will The Shepherd release His grip? How much longer will their be pressure? Oh, rejoice humbled lamb. Exalt His name, lowly coal. For His timing is perfect and the heat is just right; for His hand marks the temperature and His eye is on the time.

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