The Only Resolution

The Only Resolution

God makes many promises. Fortunately, for us, He keeps every single one of them. This is why we too must be like our Lord and keep our promises. Did you make a New Years resolution? Did you make the decision to walk closer with Him? Be dead set on keeping this promise. Draw close to Him and He will draw closer to you (James 4:8).

One often hears the phrase, “God will understand.” Oh yes, He understands alright. However, He does not agree. Would it sit well with you if your son or daughter didn’t make the time to talk to you? Though many families this day and age operate like this, we see the negative effect this has on our society.

We seem to get caught up in the busy life that we forget about the good life. And unlike us, The Lord is perfect. Though we have our many imperfections, He is infallible. Yet, we barely take the time to talk to Him (pray) or get to know Him (read His word). All this and you hope that He understands. He definitely does.

Again, He just doesn’t agree. This resolution that you’ve made is not to be taken lightly. Don’t just thumb through your bible hoping for a revelation. Instead, live out His word so that others may see how a child reflects The Father. Don’t just pray for help. Meditate without ceasing; concentrating your thoughts to be like His. Do not just hang out with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fellowship with them by having studies and praise sessions. Yes, the world would call you crazy; a real deal Jesus freak. Oh, but how one should love to live for God, then to be loved by anyone in this world. Want to live upright? Follow Him. In this you must stand resolute.

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