Sing a Song When You’re Sad

Sing a Song When You’re Sad

😨😟😊 Nothing chases away fear faster than a positive song. Maybe it’s that love song you remember from years ago. Or maybe just a song about being a Champion…my friend.

It is so beautiful how a song can change our mood so quickly.

Psalm 95 starts out with a command: “Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD”

Yes, the worship leader told the audience to do something and that was to sing.

God knows that singing will change your mood and singing to Him will change your life. That is why He has 150 songs in the Book of Psalms.

Not all of them are happy, smiley face songs, but however hard life was, the song writers knew that with God it could all change.

Are you dealing with depression? Here is a quick start solution: Sing a song to God. Sing a song about God. Or sing a song with someone you love…about God.

Singing will change your mood, so when you’re feeling like things are getting sad… sing!

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