Your Fasting Stories

Your Fasting Stories

We have all things in common!

At the beginning of this week I asked for any of you to share your fasting stories anonymously. Below are a few responses some had sent:

My experience so far has been like a roller coaster. Sometimes I am experiencing great spiritual closeness and other times I ask myself,”Why are you doing this?” It has reminded me how strong spiritual warfare is. However, the Word, as always puts my struggles into perspective; I am weak, He is everything I need!

Fasting Response 1

What has God been speaking to you?

I feel God is leading me to increase in my faith.

What has stood out in His Word?

How the Isrealites, although in the wilderness for 40 years, still experienced God’s hand and work  IN THE WILDERNESS!! (Hebrews Chapter 3)  We should never stop seeing Him work in any circumstance.

How have you felt physically?

I am drained and tired!  I need strength

How have you felt spiritually?

I feel normal still.  I need to take my reading to a different level.

Fasting Response 2

Thank you for your faithfulness in these emails. The one you sent today is really speaking into my life right now. A lot of attacks at work, by the ‘lost’. Being taken advantage of. People think that because I profess Christ and live different than they do, they can take advantage of me. God really stopped me from speaking back.

Fasting Response 3

God is showing me through this fast this has message: 1 John 2:15-17. There it says that we are not to love the world or anything in the world. The things of this world that I love is TV shows and movies (I grew up this way).

I didn’t see it as loving the world because it was my world. But when I came to Christ, I became aware of this. Now I could see what I was really watching. And the things that I was watching did not honor God at all.

So God began to challenge me in this area. And little by little did I let Go. The first thing to go is R-rated movies and any vulgar comedy. That left PG-13, PG and G-rated movies. Trying to avoid movies, it led me to watch more TV programs, thinking this would be better. How bad can it be?

That’s what I thought too, but it is just as bad. Believe it or not even G can be bad.

You see throughout my walk with Christ, Christ has shown me that all these TV shows and Movies are not written for the children of God. Could it be that this is a tool that Satan uses to entangle God children in the world again or even keep them in the world and away from God’s word.

Could that be the plan? I believe it is and that is what God is telling me to proclaim: All of his children are not to love the world or anything in it.

May be there are some of you that can relate to what I am saying and God has challenged you in this matter. Listen and trust God, let it all go. God said in His word that if the eye is clean the whole body will be Healthy. Christ along with myself want you to be healthy.

So in this time of fasting ask God to show you what it is that you love about this world. I hope this helps someone. Grace and Peace.

Send More

Please send me more of your stories from your fasting experiences. We overcome, by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony!

It has gotten tough and you may be wondering: Why am I doing this?

Don’t give up, cry out to God for strength!

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