A Life Transformed through Closeness with God

A Life Transformed through Closeness with God

In Exodus 19, we witness a pivotal moment in the history of God’s people. After centuries of bondage, they were finally free, but unsure of their destination. Moses, chosen by God, led them with promises of freedom, and their decision to follow him was an act of faith. Little did they know that God had a specific plan and purpose for them.

The Journey of Faith and Freedom

God desired a close relationship with His people. He wanted them to experience true freedom and worship Him in spirit and truth. However, there was a significant obstacle standing in the way: their sinful nature (Psalm 51:5). Humanity’s inherent flaws prevented them from being in close communion with God.

While a few individuals had the privilege of getting closer to God, Moses being one of them, most were unable to approach Him without disastrous consequences. God instructed Moses to warn the people against attempting to draw too near, emphasizing the need for priests to consecrate themselves before approaching God (Exodus 19).

The Problem and the Solution

This dilemma highlights the overarching narrative of the Bibleā€”the problem of humanity’s separation from God and the solution that the Scriptures present. The ultimate answer lies in the person and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus bridged the gap between God and humanity, providing a way for us to be in His presence.

Now, as believers, we have access to the same God who once dwelt on Mount Sinai. The same God who cautioned against approaching too closely now lives within us. We have been adopted as His children, allowing us to experience a closeness with God that was previously unimaginable (John 1:13).

Living in Accessible Presence

What does this mean for us today? It means that we can have an intimate relationship with God. The separation that existed between us and Him has been abolished through Jesus Christ. We now have the privilege of talking to God, seeking Him for guidance, and finding solace in His presence at any time.

This access to God’s presence is transformative. It provides us with answers to our questions, comfort in our struggles, and the power to overcome challenges. When we approach God with a heart open to Him, He reveals His wisdom and directs our paths. In His presence, we find peace that surpasses all understanding and strength to face any adversity.

Moreover, this newfound closeness with God invites us into a life that honors Him and brings prosperity to our souls. We can live in alignment with His will, guided by His Spirit within us. The same God who chose a people for Himself has now made us His own, and as His children, we can experience the fullness of His love and grace.

Practical Ways to Access God’s Presence


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (Philippians 4:6)

Prayer is a powerful tool that allows us to communicate with God. Through prayer, we can express our deepest desires, concerns, and gratitude to Him. We can seek His guidance and wisdom, laying our burdens before Him. Consistent and sincere prayer cultivates an intimate connection with God and opens the door to experiencing His presence.


“I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways. I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.” (Psalm 119:15-16)

Taking time to meditate on God’s Word and reflect on His character can help us draw closer to Him. By focusing our thoughts on Scripture, we allow God’s truth to permeate our minds and hearts. Meditation enables us to quiet our souls and listen to the gentle whisper of His voice. It is in these moments of stillness that we can encounter God’s presence and receive His peace and assurance.

Seeking His Presence:

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)

Actively seeking God’s presence involves making Him a priority in our lives. We can set aside dedicated time for worship, reading the Bible, and engaging in spiritual disciplines. Worshiping God through songs and hymns uplifts our spirits and brings us into His presence. Reading and studying His Word deepens our understanding of who He is and how He desires us to live. Engaging in spiritual disciplines such as fasting, solitude, and serving others also opens doors for us to experience God’s presence in profound ways.

Accessing God’s Presence

Accessing God’s presence is not merely a theoretical concept, but a practical reality for believers. Through prayer, meditation, and actively seeking His presence, we can experience a close relationship with God. These practices allow us to communicate with Him, align our minds with His truth, and intentionally prioritize Him in our lives.

As we commit to these practices, let us remember the promise in James 4:8, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” May we continually seek His presence and be transformed by the love and power we encounter in His intimate embrace.

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Although Jesse Velez will forever carry the essence of a Native New Yorker, he currently calls the sun-soaked city of Miami, Florida, his home. Celebrating a marriage of 31+ years to Eusebia, he proudly embraces his role as the father of five grown children. Jesse has cultivated a profound grasp of the Bible over the span of 40+ years, dedicated to following and serving Jesus while engaging in extensive reading and in-depth study of the scriptures.