Creativity Worshiped

Creativity Worshiped

There is nothing more exciting for a creative person than to see his creativity take shape. Whether it is a chunk of clay, an artist’s canvas or a computer program, there is a little taste of the divine that occurs when creativity takes place.

God knows that humanity possesses great creativity—He should, He gave it to us. God knows that we bear His image and our creativity is unmatched among the creatures on the Earth. But, God is warning us not to let our creativity become a substitute to worshiping Him.

The people in Isaiah 44 were creative, but they made a fatal error—they didn’t heed God’s command not to create images and worship them. In this instance, a carpenter creates an image of man “in all his glory.”

Scripture is filled with occurrences like this. God keeps repeating these words to us through out Scripture: I AM to awesome to be captured by your creativity!

All that we can create from our minds is tiny compared to who God is. God wants us to keep this perspective while we express His image-bearing creativity to worship Him.

As you walk with God ask yourself this question:
Am I substituting the worship of God with my creativity? God wants us to use our creativity to worship Him, not to worship the creation of our own hands.

When people view your creativity do they know that it was created to reflect your worship to the Lord God Almighty? Or do they boast in your creation?

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