Direct Discipline

Direct Discipline

I was having a wild thought about what it is like to truly trust my children. This feeling of uncertainty swept over me. I started to ask myself questions. You probably have asked yourself the same ones. Did they put on their seat belts when they drove off? Will they be back at a responsible time? Are they with the people they said they that they were meeting up with? Does their date share the same values?

Okay, before I work you up, understand this. If you analyzed yourself, could you honestly say that God should trust you to always keep His commandments? Before you answer the question, think about this: Jesus died because we couldn’t do it. Yet, Jesus tells us plainly that if we do love Him, we should keep His commandments (John 14:15). And just like mere children, despite knowing the rules, we sometimes ignore or forget them. This is why we must strive everyday to be more and more like Christ.

You see beloved, you can worry about your children day and night, if you don’t impress upon them the reason why they should follow the rules, then they will rebel. By simply showing them the Supreme Rule Book (the Bible), you’re not going to convince them to take heed to the instructions. You have to explain it and live it. Question, why do you keep His commandments? Well, if you simply take what Jesus said, then you will know that the reason you keep His commands is because you love Him.

When you live by loving God, you are showing your children that you follow the rules because He loves you as well. Reciprocating this love will ultimately cause a reverberation that will soon fall heavy on the hearts of everyone you love. From your children, to your spouse; even to the people you constantly come into contact. It is amazing how one can change the course of another life by simply giving out a warning because you love them.

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