God gets all the GLORY!

God gets all the GLORY!

The word, “glory,” in the Bible carries with it a lot of meaning. It isn’t so easy to put it into one word, but when I think about that word, I remember that God gets all of it.

When Paul was writing the Ephesian church, he was writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Paul was letting the people who followed Jesus know that God was invested in His plan and their lives.

Ultimately, God would get all the “glory” for everything. If there was a name to be mentioned for the History of Humanity, it would be His Name.

If there were words said that brought life and renewal to a person’s life, it would be His Words.

God gets all the GLORY!

Do you give God ALL the GLORY? You can, by telling others about the wonderful work that His Holy Spirit is doing in your life. When you tell others about God’s goodness—He gets the GLORY!

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