God Gets Angry Sometimes

God Gets Angry Sometimes

God gets angry. Sometimes, He gets very angry! Lamentations 2v22 calls it “the day of the anger of the LORD” ESV. It isn’t a 24 hour day, but it is a long stretch of time of discomfort, pain and sometimes death.

Don’t worry, God only gets angry at people and nations that make Him angry. Those who seek to do what He wants done, those people, He shows love and compassion.

Even to those that He gets angry with, it takes a long time for God to open up a “day” of anger on a people.

Some people view God as a child, who gets angry when His toys don’t do what He wants them to do but that is far from the truth. God was angry at the people because they turned their hearts away from Him and went head long into sin.

They took the precious gift of life and turned it to behaviors that destroyed lives. They weren’t the victims of God’s wrath, but the objects of God’s wrath. They were well deserving and not in a hard-to-understand way.

Thievery, sexual assault, sex-slavery, child abuse, violence against the helpless and at times, mass murder were how they lived. They were not loving or seeking out the best for their neighbors. They were fulfilling whatever desire came into their mind regardless of who suffers.

This makes God angry!

Yet, there is a way to turn away God’s fierce anger—cry out to Him and work to change. Stop hurting one another and instead, show kindness and love. Do what God tells you to do: love your neighbor as yourself.

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