Hunger Pains

Hunger Pains

Spiritual nourishment is something that eludes most Christians today (referring to western society). When it comes to generosity, we always give God the credit; we seldom give Him the cash. Our prayer lives hang in the balance of our “busy” schedule. It is in astounding proportions how many Christians today struggle spiritually merely because they are starving.

It seems that as long as our physical thirst is met to a certain degree of satisfaction, we ignore the well of living water. Amazingly, we settle for spiritual milk because we cannot handle the pain of chewing threw the meat of His word. Mark Twain once said, “It is not the parts of the Bible that I don’t understand that bother me; it is the parts that I do.” Mark Twain (an athiest) knew the power of God’s impending judgment.

Yet, unlike Mr. Twain, we do not fear a spiritual death; we read the scriptures to ensure that the Spirits work is fulfilled. Little by little as we feed on His words, we are made strong in the newness of faith. Your life will thrive as you are enriched by the True Vine. You will find yourself in perfect spiritual health just by being rooted by the river.

Finally, do you gain strength by eating junk food or by consuming what is good and nutritious? Maybe your hungry because what your eating is incapable of filling you up. Be filled with the Bread of Life. Endure the pain of chewing the meat. Soon enough you will yield results that surpass your current understanding. And you will never go hungry again.


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