Listen Closely

Listen Closely

“Listen, everyone, listen—earth-dwellers, don’t miss this. All you haves and have-nots, All together now: listen.” Psalm 49 MSG.

There are some pieces of wisdom that you don’t want to miss. When you really want someone to pay attention you tell them, “Listen closely!” This is the songwriters request as he prepares to drop an intense amount of wisdom on the listener.

Why do we need to tell people to listen? Our lives can sometimes be filled with distractions and “things” to do, that we need to be called to attention.

Listen, listen closely:

  • Everyone is the same, those who have nothing and those who have everything (v1-2)
  • Take the time to fine-tune your listening, don’t just hear the words, let those words sink into your soul (v3-4)
  • Don’t be afraid of bad times and don’t let bullies take advantage of you (v5-6)
  • You have to do the work to get to where you want to go. You can’t protect against death, don’t be afraid of it (v7-9)
  • The best and brightest all die, just like the fools and idiots. Everyone moves into their new home, The Coffin. The cemetery is their permanent address (v10-11)
  • We aren’t immortal. We don’t last long (v12)
  • When you live for the moment, you find yourself in the grave with nothing valuable in life to show for it (v13-15)
  • Don’t be impressed with the success of others and how much they earn. Success and money, you can’t take it into the grave (v16-19)
  • Remember that your eternity is in God, if it’s not then the grave is all you have (v20)

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