With You Thru the Storm

With You Thru the Storm

Paul understood what it meant to go through a storm. In Acts 27, the man who hunted Christian’s, was now proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and a prisoner on a ship that struggling to get across the Mediterranean Sea to Rome.

Paul wasn’t alone, he was among other prisoners, guards and the crew: 276 souls.

The journey was hard. The crew tried to abandon ship; prison guards contemplated killing their prisoners – but Paul stepped in and said, “God spoke to me and told me, I need you to stand before the Roman Emperor to tell him about Me. You’ll live and so will everyone else.” Acts 27v21-24 (my loose re-telling).

After two long weeks, the ship ran aground and shattered into pieces.

Clinging to pieces of wood, Paul encouraged the survivors, letting them know that his God had protected them. Arriving at the shore, they took a head count — 276 souls.

Not one person was lost after two terrible weeks at sea. It was exactly as God said it would be.

Weather is out of our control and no matter how much we try to protect ourselves from the winds and rain, the storm pounds against our lives and can leave behind devastating wreckage.

Paul had a relationship with God that kept the lines of communication open. God had a purpose for Paul and Paul knew God would make it happen.

In this life we have storms. Sometimes, these storms are in our mental health, physical health or spiritual health. Or it may not even be your own storm, but you’ve been caught up into someone else’s and can’t pull away.

Jesus wants us to know that He understands what we are experiencing. He Himself had gone through some terrible storms in His life and wants us to know that in Him you can have peace in the storm.

You might still feel the wind against your face and find yourself clinging to wooden planks, but be sure, that Jesus’s peace is with you, and He will see you to shore!

About The Author

Jesse Velez

Although Jesse Velez will forever carry the essence of a Native New Yorker, he currently calls the sun-soaked city of Miami, Florida, his home. Celebrating a marriage of 31+ years to Eusebia, he proudly embraces his role as the father of five grown children. Jesse has cultivated a profound grasp of the Bible over the span of 40+ years, dedicated to following and serving Jesus while engaging in extensive reading and in-depth study of the scriptures.