5 Reasons Christian’s Should Use Halloween to Preach Jesus

5 Reasons Christian’s Should Use Halloween to Preach Jesus
Here are 5 reasons Christian’s should use Halloween to preach Jesus.

1. Halloween is also Reformation Day.

It was 500 years ago to the day when Reformation Thug Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the church and started the Reformation! This means if you are not Catholic, this event has impacted your life and changed you forever. It is worth celebrating and telling others what Scripture revealed to Martin Luther, Ephesians 2:8-9 Salvation through Faith, God’s work not yours – just in case you think you’re that good.

2. Halloween has changed but remained the same.

Halloween has gone through several changes that make it a great opportunity to share the Good News. Popular culture horror movies and zombie acceptance at every age level, have lowered most people’s fear of what might have looked evil 60 years ago. What this means to you is that you can look to talk about topics like, death, violence, evil and have common ground when explaining Jesus’ impact in these areas. (See below for a possible conversation). 1 Corinthians 9:22 Paul talked about his desire not to compromise, but to relate in the spreading of the Gospel.

3. People come to you.

You don’t have to worry about going out and reaching people. People are more open to bring their children and are very trusting when it comes to getting candy. Last year we did Face Painting, gave out cup cakes and even cooked hot dogs and hamburgers. We had a captive audience and they left feeling full with food instead of candy. Luke 4:40 They brought Jesus the sick and He did what He does best, bring healing.

4. It’s Your Community.

You will most likely get a chance to see people that live in your community. This is a great opportunity for them to see your smiles and godly attitude of love and compassion. And a relational opportunity for you to tell them about what you believe. Mark 12:30-31, Love God, love your neighbor (even if they are not Christian).

5. God did it for us!

Jesus put on humanity, as ugly and evil as it looked, becoming like us for the reason of pulling us out. He became humanity to raise us into Super Humanity (yes, Christians are super human, with the Holy Spirit of God taking up permanent residence in their flesh). We can use Halloween as an opportunity to give, not to receive. 2 Corinthians 5:21, Jesus had no sin, but became sin for us, He wore our sin as a costume so that God could judge Him and free us.

Mr. Smith from the Matrix got it right (except Jesus saw he could make it different).

Bonus: Understand what I mean

What I am not saying is to enjoy Halloween for yourself by joining in the greed, the de-sensitization to evil and candy hoarding. But to use this as a way to speak the truth about greed, de-sensitization to evil and candy hoarding. Please do not use this opportunity to tell everyone how evil they are and how evil this holiday is. Shine light, but don’t blind. God will use this as an opportunity to let His Spirit do the work in their hearts. Here is what we are doing. We’ve packaged 50 candy bags with small two-fold tracts that are focused toward children and telling the truth of God.

A Possible Conversation

Use what is common and connect it to Christ. Of course, these are conversations for adults who have somehow stopped long enough to converse, so you have to look for this opportunity though most will take candy and leave (that’s why we serve hot dogs, it keeps them there longer and while their mouth’s are chewing, our mouths are speaking).

“Have you noticed how there is a difference between Zombies and the Infected? Zombies are the undead and seem the hardest to kill. The Infected are sick, but mostly alive with some bad appetites. Did you know the Bible has Zombies and the Infected in it?

Well the Bible calls humanity Spiritual Zombies. We are alive, but our spirit is dead toward God. We are walking through life, wondering for spiritual food, but we are never satisfied.

The Bible also calls humanity the Spiritually Infected. We all have been infected by sin and there is only one cure for our sin sickness.

The Bible also tells us the cure for being a Zombie or the Infected… His name is Jesus.

Jesus is able to not only re-animate you into life (Zombie), but to raise your spiritual life from the dead to a new life. Imagine if, in the Walking Dead, they had magic bullets that when they hit a Zombie, they would come back to life as a new person. That’s the power that Jesus has.

Jesus doesn’t just bring a cure, He is the Cure. He is able to remove the sin sickness that keeps us infected and destroying our lives and others.”

With some thought, use cultural references to equate the superior work of Jesus Christ. I guarantee you they haven’t heard it like this before. No Trick, Only Treats!

5 Reasons Why Christians Should Use Halloween to Preach Jesus

Halloween is Reformation Day

Martin Luther Started the Reformation on Halloween

It is Worth Celebrating and Telling Others

Halloween Has Gone Through Changes

Horror Movies and Zombie Acceptance opens the Minds

Share Scary Bible Stories on Halloween

People Go to You

Open Your Door and Give a Blessing

It's Where You Live

Show Your Smiles and Godly Attitude

God did it for Us!

Jesus put on a scary mask for us.

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