Blessing Can Turn Away

Blessing Can Turn Away

Who is Ephraim? In Hosea 7, the prophet talks a lot about Ephraim. In Genesis, Joseph (the one with a coat of many colors) had two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. When Jacob was about to die, he called Joseph and his two sons to impart a blessing. Genesis 48.

Joseph placed both sons in front, putting the first born, Manasseh, to Jacob’s right hand and Ephraim, to his left hand. In the culture of the time, the first born was considered the most important son and the right hand was considered the hand of honor.

The first born would get more than others and was considered the pride and joy of a father’s heart. I mean, come on, he was literally number One.

Jacob, barely able to see, crossed his arms and put his right hand on the child standing to his left, Ephraim.

Joseph was shocked and told his father that he made a mistake. Jacob said, “no, Ephraim will be great and people will want to be like him.”

This person from Genesis 48 is not the Ephraim that Hosea 7 is talking about. Ephraim, the person, had children and grew in number and became known as the half-tribe of Ephraim. This populous people grew as one of the 12 tribes of the Nation of Israel.

Here are some famous people from the tribe of Ephraim: Joshua, the son of Nun, Saul the first King of Israel and Jeroboam, the fourth king of Israel.

Jeroboam encouraged idolatry and split the Kingdom of Israel in two. The North and the South.

Ephraim, which started out as a blessing had become a sinful and a anti-God tribe. Hosea 7 is talking about people who act and behave like the wicked Ephraimites throughout their nation’s history.

Thank God for Jesus! Jesus came to include us in a new group of people. We are different from everyone else and serve God with our whole hearts.

Is that true about you? Do you follow and obey, Jesus?

Reflect on Hosea 7 and remember that we were once like Ephraim, but Jesus has washed our sins away and made us like Him!

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