Deep Wounds

Deep Wounds

When I first heard John C. Maxwell say, “Hurting people, hurt people,” I gained a deeper understanding of why people cause deep wounds. In 1st Kings 1:7, three men were mentioned: Abiathar the priest, Joab the son of Zeruiah and Adonijah, David’s son and presumed heir to the throne of Israel.

These were three hurting men. These were three men who have hurt people and now, the final, deepest wound—betrayal. As David lay dying, they make a move to snatch the crown from God’s choice, Solomon.

Adonijah felt abandoned and over looked by his father. Joab knew that he was guilty of innocent blood and his protection, King David, was soon to be removed. Abiarthar’s pain was much deeper. He was the last son, barely escaping the slaughter of his family by Saul. Deep down inside he knew that God was looking to end his life.

Deep wounds seem never to heal. We might put a bandage on it but it never stops bleeding. We can hide behind smiles and keep fresh bandages on so that no one notices, but you notice. The deep wound will only get worse unless it is effectively treated.

These men did not turn to God for the healing of their deep wounds. They turned to what they could do with their own hands and that made living with their deep wounds bearable.

Each paid for their pain. This power grab ended in the death of two of them, the other sent into exile.

Deep wounds need the healing hand of a willing Savior. Jesus can heal you from the deep wounds that you have experienced; regardless of whose fault it was. Receive his healing for your life. Pray to Jesus and ask Him to heal you and He will, by faith, through the power of His Holy Spirit.

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