Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

The intensity of the wind can have an effect on how we view our circumstances. There can be gusts of wind, the sun can be shining, and though you might go to the beach, you will not go near the water. When the threat of a hurricane comes our way, not one window will be without a shudder. If a tornado touches down, the shelters are occupied.

When I come to think of stormy weather, I can relate to two people in His word; Jonah and Peter.

Jonah seemed to have it all together. That was until God asked him to do the impossible; call a gentile nation to repentance. Oh, like Jonah, when we are commissioned by God to do a major work, we do everything to run from His presence. And just like God, He still calls us back to His arms and brings down the barriers to give us a new understanding of His will.

Sometimes I can be just like Peter on the fourth watch looking out a what seemed like a ghost walking on the water (Matthew 14:22-26), scared to my wits end until I notice upon the sea of uncertainty stood Jesus.  Peter was just plain stubborn and when he reached out and asked to walk to Jesus in the middle of the storm, he didn’t realize what he was really asking for. Just like Peter I sometimes find myself asking Him to take me to a whole new spiritual level. And yet, how I start to sink because I take my eyes off of Him. Despite the stubbornness and how headstrong we must be, Jesus reminds us, “Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31).  It is then I realized, though I might be willing, I am definitely not prepared.

If I may take this time to be open and up front, I have been wrestling with the Almighty. Lately, I have been brought to nothing but tears and anguish not because I desire the blessing, but because I am my own worst enemy. So often I want to just throw myself out onto the winds and waves, but it is not until I step out that I see that it is too late as the fear cripples me. Yet, unlike Jonah, I do not run from His presence because I do not love the lost; I flee out of fear.

However, this fear is not a fear of what others may think of me. It is due to a lack of faith in Him. You see my bothers and sisters, most times it is not a question of belief, knowledge, or even a misplaced sense of trust. It is merely because we have such a sinful desire to do things ourselves.

We want to prove to God that we can take the helm, He merely needs to guide us.Beloved, He and He alone must be our Commander, Captain, and Controller. The idea of being an instrument in the kingdom of heaven is to be used. The hammer is used by The Carpenter, the horn only makes the sound while the musician makes the music. And though He must be the one with His hands on the helm of your craft, He is also the one whom the winds and waves obey.

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