True Judgment

True Judgment

Isn’t this the true meaning of Christmas? Yes, but it is also the way we should live our lives. There is a stain within every one of us. We were born with a sin nature. You can say it is an automatic receptor that deliberately disobeys God.

The Christmas story started in the beginning; Genesis 1:1. It began with a God who intended to save His creation by becoming the Lamb. The Lamb that would eliminate sin once and for all.

This sacrifice was never deserved. The true judgement that awaited us was eternal condemnation. Yet, a debt was paid. A judgement that went from a death sentence, to a new life redeemed.

You did not deserve His mercy. You did not earn His grace. Yet, he gave it to you and offers it still to a fallen world; letting those who would call on the name of Jesus to be saved. We too, must be the same.

Forgiving others, being generous without feeling the need of compensation, loving on those who do not know you let alone might not love you back. We shouldn’t have to wait for seasonal measures like Christmas or Easter to remind ourselves of the conduct we should attain.

Instead, we have to work on being more like Him and less like ourselves on a daily basis. He gave us His all when we least deserved it. He called it a True Judgement; it’s only natural to follow His example.

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